Below is a collection of articles written about us.

Jun, 2012 - Belgian brewmaster Urbain Coutteau of De Struise brews up some fun with Alan

Apr, 2012 - Hair Of The Dog/Deschutes Collaboration Barrel-Aged Blend

Mar, 2012 - Deschutes, Hair of the Dog's collaboration beer, Collage, hitting the market in May - Conflux Series No.1

Feb, 2012 - Hair of the Dog Heads to Belgium

Jan, 2012 - The Beer Nut in Fall River, MA writes about "Breweries I want here"

Nov, 2011 - Hair of the Dog's 18th Anniversary

Aug, 2010 - Early Look At Hair of the Dog's New Tasting Room by Jeff Alworth

Jul, 2010 - The Oregonian's John Foyston "When it comes to barbecue, not all beers are created equal"

May, 2009 - The Full Pint reviews Ruth

Jun, 2008 - The New York Times reviews "Beer Lovers Make Room for Brews Worth a Wait" and the new wave of beer cellars.

May 2008 - Oregon Live "Beer prices hit $707 a bottle -- for charity" by John Foyston

Jan, 2001 - Dave Brockington on Bourbon Aged Adam. A ***** rating.

Jan, 2000 - The phones rang for weeks after Maxim (a Men's magazine) had their say about us.

Feb, 1998 - Wall Street Journal Anne Marie Chaker reported on the release of Fred

Oct, 1996 - Fred Eckhardt, in Southern Draft Brew News, October/November 1996, describes a vertical tasting of the first 10 batches of Adam which at that time was called Adambier.

Oct, 1996 - John Hansell was at the same tasting and described it in the Malt Advocate Magazine, Fourth Quarter 1996

Jun, 1996 - Wine people know about laying down bottles for future pleasure. Here is their estimation of the benefits of laying down our beer. The Insiders' Wine Line, June / July 1996

Jan, 1996 - Malt Advocate Magazine, First Quarter 1996 named Adam as Beer of the Year

Feb, 1996 - Kurt Wolff talks about the good surprise of finding Hair of the Dog in San Fransico. San Francisco Bay Guardian

Oct, 1995 - What's On Tap: The Craft Beer Newsletter in October 1995 wrote about visiting the Oregon Brewers Festival. Deciding that Adam was the best and giving it a 95 rating!

Sep, 1995 - Craft brewing "Business Chronicle" The Erickson Report 10 Vol. 1, No. 3 / September 1995 was among the first to speak about us.

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